Why pick a massage chair pad over a massage chair?

There isn’t a better way to relieve yourself of the stress and muscle pain after a tiring day than a relaxing massage. And making an appointment with the nearest massage therapist isn’t the only way to get a relaxing massage. Nowadays, tons of equipments are available in the market using which you can enjoy a massage just as good as you would get from a therapist while sitting right at home! These equipments include massage chairs, massage chair pads, hand massagers, foot massagers and much more. Massage chairs and massage chair pads are both quite popular and effective massaging equipments and it’s not so simple when it comes to making a choice between them. Although massage chairs will generally offer better features for which they charge a much higher price as compared to massage chair pads, many customers still prefer a massage chair pad.

Advantages that a massage chair pad has over a massage chair:


One of the major reasons that customers pick a massage chair pad over massage chair is the fact that they are much lighter in weight as compared to the bulky massage chairs. Where a standard massage chair will weigh in hundreds of pounds, even the heaviest massage chair pad wouldn’t weigh more than 40 pounds. This makes a massage chair pad much easier to move around and use wherever the user wishes.


A massage chair pad will fit a variety of chairs and couches; you can even lay it out on your bed to have a massage before you sleep. The point is; it will not use any extra space for storage since you can install it on any of your existing furniture. A massage chair, on the contrary, will require a large empty space for storage and for operation. If you don’t have much space in your apartment, massage chair pad is a great solution.


You will find an excellent massage chair pad with all the bells and whistles in under $200 while for a massage chair you at least need around $1000 if you want one of the effective ones. In case your budget is tight but you still need effective massage equipment for your sore muscles, you definitely should go for a massage cushion. Massage chair pad buyer’s guide can help you in purchasing massage cushion of your budget.

Car Compatible:

Most of the good massage chair pads will include a car adapter in the package which will allow you to use it on a car seat as well.

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