The Many Advantages of a Rice Cooker

Rice is an important food in the American society and the rest of the world as well. Rice is now an important menu as experts consider it nutritious and healthy food. It has multiple varieties from small grain, long grain, thick grain, and white one. In the American society, there are more choices or uses of rice such as jasmine, basmati, brown, and standard white rice.

Different rice has its own required style to cook. Some people these days put into a pot of water for sometime than place it on the stove to cook. The traditional method of cooking rice requires one to watch and continuously stand beside the stove. The traditional style has been changing with the evolution of the electric rice cooker. In the electric rice cooker, we have to place water and rice in the cooker, turn on the machine and in twenty minutes rice would be ready to eat. The fluffy and unburned rice would be ready to serve to your family if you cook in a rice cooker. 

Amongst the many advantages of a rice cooker is that there would be no messy kitchen as well. Some rice cookers have features for steaming fish and vegetables and for slow cooking as well. These features makes electric rice cooker superior than the traditional stove or oven. The best thing about electric rice cooker which makes it distinctive from traditional stove or oven is the feature to keep the rice warm until you want to serve it. Rice would be fresh in the cooker up to two days; just warm it up and have rice.

If you like healthy food and want to make it in a little time while not spending a lot of effort, than use rice cooker and enjoy meals with your family.  With the help of rice cookers, you can serve a healthy gourmet meal and enjoy it with your family feeling less stressed.

What Makes The Best Countertop Blender?

Almost all the kitchens of today own a countertop blender. These are very convenient blending tools which are best known for making smoothies and milkshakes but provide their utility in countless other tasks as well. Many varieties have become available in the market from high-priced professional ones to simpler personal ones. There are some features you should consider when selecting a countertop blender for yourself that will help you find the best one:

Fitting of the Lid:

Make sure that the countertop blender you choose has a tight-fitting lid. If the lid does not fit tightly you will have to hold it down while blending otherwise the lid could come off and result in food splattering all over the surroundings. Nobody wants to clean up that colossal mess, right? Along with fitting tightly, the lid should be easy to close and easy to open.

Blender Jug:

Plastic jugs are mostly a preferred choice over glass ones as they are lightweight and do not break as easily as glass. In addition to the material, you should also look for a jug that has a wide mouth as this will make it easier to clean. You will easily be able to remove food particles from the base and the blades.

The Presence of a Pour Spout:

Blender has a pour spout in the lid which is a removable plug so that you can add ingredients while the blender is running. This feature is especially useful when making gradual addition of liquid ingredients to the blending mixture so that you can keep a check on the consistency you want.

Dishwasher Safe:

The blender jug and lid should ideally be dishwasher safe. This saves you a lot of trouble required in cleaning and also avoids any danger of cuts from the sharp blades of the blender. It is a huge plus if the blades are removable. This way they could be separated from the jug and cleaned thoroughly.

Base Should Be Stable:

Your blender should have a stable base so that it can even blend tough ingredients without vibrating or moving on the counter. If the blender vibrates a lot, it is unlikely that it is capable of blending hard ingredients. You will only be able to use it for the simplest blending jobs. 


Power or wattage is an important feature to consider. If you are looking for a blender that can handle tough jobs like crushing ice select one with at least 600 watts power. The greater the power, the better it will perform provided it has strong blades as well. Not all blades can handle tough ingredients like ice.

Ice Crushing Capabilities:

If the blender can crush ice, it will be clearly stated in the instruction manual. Not all blenders can handle crushing of ice. Only the ones with strong motors and specifically designed blades can crush ice and other hard ingredients.

Nutritious Food Processor Recipes everyone should try

The food processor is the most magical kitchen devices that could perform some tedious tasks in the speed of light! It is capable of delivering perfectly chopped nuts, fruits, and vegetables; blending ingredients; making the perfect purees, smoothies, shakes, or dips; kneading dough; mincing meat; and cutting vegetables whether be it slicing, grating, or chopping. You can put your food processor to good use by making some tasty and nutritious food. There is plenty of helpful information that can guide you in selecting the best food processor for yourself here with delicious recipes in detail and videos. Here are some nutritious food processor recipes for you:

Asparagus Soup

For making this soup begin with heating two tablespoons olive oil in a large pot. Add one minced onion and two stalks minced celery and cook for ten minutes on medium flame. You can use your food processor for mincing these vegetables. Next, add one lb sliced asparagus, one teaspoon salt, two bay leaves, and half teaspoon white pepper. Saute for three minutes and then add six cups of vegetable stock and let it boil. Lower the flame and let it simmer for another five minutes. Then stop cooking and let the soup cool at room temperature. Next blend it in the best food processor with two tablespoons of lemon juice and two medium avocados until a creamy texture is achieved. You can serve the soup chilled as well! 

Cashew Cream and Chocolate Cupcakes

Prepare the chocolate base by melting a cup of raw cacao butter and then mixing a cup of raw cacao powder, one tablespoon vanilla bean powder, and 1/3 cup agave nectar to it. Whisk until a smooth mixture is formed. Pour the mixture in silicone cupcake molds and freeze them for thirty minutes. Next make the cashew cream by combining one cup raw soaked cashews, half cup melted coconut oil, half cup water, quarter cup agave nectar, a teaspoon of vanilla bean powder, and Himalayan salt to taste in the mini processor. Pulse until smooth. Pour the cashew cream over the chocolate base and freeze again for four hours. Serve the chilled cupcakes!

Farro, Tomatoes, and Herbs Salad

Begin with mixing four cups of water, 1 ½ cups farro, and two teaspoons of salt in a saucepan and boil it on high heat. Let it simmer over low flame with the lid on until the farro is soft. Next drain it and allow it to cool. Add one pound tomatoes, half sweet onion, quarter cup chives, and quarter cup parsley leaves to your food processor and chop them. Add these to farro and mix. In another bowl make the vinaigrette by whisking one minced garlic clove, two tablespoons vinegar, salt and pepper to taste, and quarter cup olive oil. Add this to the salad and mix. Your salad is ready to serve!

Zucchini Noodles

Grate two zucchinis in your food processor so that they form spiralized noodles. Next heat a skillet over medium flame and add one tablespoon extra virgin olive oil and the zucchini noodles. Sauté for a minute and then add pepper to taste, quarter teaspoon garlic powder, and quarter teaspoon garlic salt. Cook until the noodles are soft yet slightly crunchy. Serve with some cheese!

How can Women Look Slim Fast

Tired of all the weight loss strategies and still no visible slimming effects? Don’t lose hope. There are some tips for you to dress up so as to look slimmer. It’s not just the clothes you wear; it’s how you carry them. Though it’s of utmost importance to embrace a healthy lifestyle in terms of having a regular workout routine and a healthy diet however; dressing up the right way might help you appear to be slimmer. It can also help you highlight your best features while disguising the problem areas.

Stick to One Color

When you wear clothes with severely contrasting tops and bottoms, the attention is drawn towards the middle part of your body. Conversely, same colored lower and uppers form an uninterrupted vertical line that gives an illusion of a taller and thinner body.

Match Shoes with Bottoms

If you are dressing for summers with a short dress and would be showing off your legs, put on neutral skin colored shoes. For winters, if you are wearing black tights, you can put on black pumps. Coordinated color of the shoes and bottoms could aid in giving an illusion of an elongated bottom half.

Selecting the Perfect Fabric

Certain fabrics could really help you in looking slimmer and giving you the perfect shape. These include fine cotton, cashmere, jersey, and spandex containing fabrics. Flat materials like cotton, silk, denim, and wool gabardine do not add volume. Conversely, bulk materials like crushed velvet, wide-wale corduroy, leather, mohair, suede, angora, taffeta, brocade, satin, boucle, flannel, and fringe should be worn moderately.

Put on a Jacket with Jeans

Wearing an open jacket could give extra slimming effects with dark wash jeans and v-neck tops. The narrow lapels and crisp straight lines of a jacket tend to give a slimmer look.

Put on Simple Jeans

Streamlined, clean, simple jeans with un-embellished pockets must be selected. Straight leg and bootcut are the leanest silhouettes. You must avoid denims with extra details since they draw eyes and give the illusion of a fatter body.

Use Shapewear

Body shapers could aid in smoothing the bulges and lifting breasts and hips. They can considerably aid in accentuating your feminine figure and giving the illusion of a slimmer body. Waist trainers could also be used which would even be helpful for your waist reduction efforts over the long term. A best waist trainer constantly adds pressure to the area around the waist and thereby aids in gradual reduction of the waist size. In addition to this, a waist trainer also offers bust support and hence gives your body an overall good shape.

Wear Perfectly Fitted Undergarments

You must invest in some proper fitting undergarments as they give you the perfect shape. Loose fitted undergarments might not give the desired shape while extremely tight ones might create bulges. You should be seeking professional advice while selecting the undergarments for yourself so that you avoid ending up getting the wrong sized undergarments.